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Union leaflets McDonald’s to show support for Employee Free Choice Act


January 2009 Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton edition of The Union News

Union leaflets McDonald’s to show support for EFCA


KINGSTON, December 30th- The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) members as part of a nationwide campaign to show their support for passage of the Employees Free Choice Act (EFCA) by Congress gathered at McDonald’s on Wyomissing Avenue in Kingston. McDonald’s was targeted by the SEIU across the nation, leafleting more at more than one hundred restaurant locations nationwide on December 18th. The corporation does not support the passage of the legislation and has contributed funds to air television and radio ads opposing it.

EFCA would change how union elections are conducted in workplaces by allowing employees to sign authorization cards seeking union representation and recognizing the union when a majority of cards are signed. It would also establish a system of mediation and arbitration that would apply to an employer and union that are unable to agree on their first contract.

The legislation passed in the House of Representatives in March, 2008 but failed in the Senate. The legislation will be re-introduced during the up-coming congressional session. President-elect Obama supports the legislation.

Meanwhile, the United States Chamber of Commerce stated labor unions version of current American labor laws short comings regarding union elections is “Union Rhetoric.”

“Rewriting American labor laws mandating recognition through the card check process and replacing collective bargaining with binding arbitration cannot be justified,” said Randel Johnson, the U.S. Chamber’s vice president of Labor, Immigration and Employee Benefits.

According to the SEIU, McDonald’s naturally does not support EFCA, because the corporation is benefiting from the current federal labor law system regarding union elections. The union said McDonald’s continues to insist on paying low wages while their CEO Jim Skinner earns 770 times more than the workers.

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