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Here’s How to Buy American-made Tires


Dear Stephen S. Crockett,

Last week the United Steelworkers sent out a press release about the filing of a major trade case against the flood of imported consumer tires from China that have led to thousands of job losses and a growing number of plant closings throughout the U. S. and in Canada.

In response to this news, many of you have asked how you can be sure that you are buying union-made, American or Canadian tires. Below is the information you seek, so be sure to look at the sidewall of the tires for the DOT codes. And thank you for asking!




The U.S. Department of Transportation requires that all tires sold in the United States carry a code which shows, among other things, the company and plant that made the tire. The code would look like this: DOT BE XX XXX XXX (where the X’s stand in for numbers and/or letters that are not part of the plant ID code)

The two symbols (either two letters or a letter and a number) which follow “DOT” indicate the company and the plant where a tire was manufactured. For example, the above code indicates a tire made by B. F. Goodrich in Tuscaloosa, AL. The following is a listing of U.S. unionized tire DOT codes. By comparing this list to the code on the tire you are buying, you can be certain you are getting a USW-made tire.

Look for the following codes for union-made tires made in the United States: AN, BE, BF, CC. DA, DY, D2, E3, JJ, JE, JF, JN, JT, JP, MP, PL, MC, MD, MJ, MK, MM, PJ, PY, PT, PU, TA, UP, UT, VE, W1, YE, YU, Y7, 2C, 2M, 3M, 4D, 5D, and 8B.

Codes for tires made at the Goodyear plant in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada include: JU, PC and UK.

In addition to company brands, these codes will also appear on “Associate Brand” and “Private Brand” tires manufactured at the USW-represented plants. The key, then, to being sure of getting a USW-made tire is the DOT code. Be sure and check it with this listing.

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