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For the Good of the Party and America, an Obama-Clinton Democratic ticket


For the Good of the Party and America, an Obama-Clinton Democratic ticket

Hillary Clinton should end her bid for the White House. Obama should offer her the Vice Presidency. Clinton should accept the offer. It would be a bitter pill for both to swallow but it is what both the Democratic Party and the American nation desperately needs. Neither Clinton nor Obama should place their personal ambition, pride or emotions ahead of the needs of the American people.

Clinton won a big victory in Pennsylvania but the election was tainted by the highly negative campaign and by serious election equipment and logistical flaws. At this point, she could easily withdraw with honor. Clinton is certainly not responsible for the defective voting equipment or the thousands of Republicans who switched their registrations in Pennsylvania to Democratic but were denied their right to cast even provisional ballots.

Brad Friedman of Brad Blog predicted in advance on his website and in an interview broadcast on my Democratic Talk Radio show that the election process in Pennsylvania was going to be a disaster logistically. He told our listening audience in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (WGPA SUNNY 1100AM) and our Internet audience that after the problems arose that the type of voting machines used in Pennsylvania made it impossible to fix errors likely to arise. The voting machines used made it impossible to verify the count or audit the results. Pennsylvania election laws and processes tainted Clinton’s victory through no fault of her own.

This writer believes she won big in Pennsylvania but the voting process was so bad that many voters will always doubt the size of that victory.

Regardless of the Pennsylvania win, Clinton has almost zero chance of gaining the Democratic Presidential nomination without changing the nominating rules to seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida selected in unfair primary elections. Even with those delegates counted, Clinton has very little chance of gaining the nomination. It would take a nearly complete sweep of the remaining election contests in places like North Carolina, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Montana, South Dakota, Puerto Rico, Guam and Idaho along with gaining most of the Super Delegates. Basically, it would take a whole series of miracles for her to gain the nomination and place her in a very weak position in terms of defeating McCain in the Fall.

Counting on a series of miracles to win a nomination that would split the Democratic Party in half is a pretty poor campaign strategy. Staying in the race would cast Clinton in a Democratic spoiler role in the minds of the American people should it result in a McCain victory in November. It would ruin her place in history.

A McCain victory would be an absolute disaster for the American nation. It would be basically a third term for Bush Republicanism and the insane policies that have wrecked the American economy. It would mean a foreign policy of endless, pointless, bloody wars. Make no mistake about it, John McCain is a war-monger who has no clue about how to run an economy.

McCain would pack our federal courts with the same kind of partisan, ideologically driven, Far Right judges that Bush appointed. Helping to elect McCain would gut the Bill of Rights and essentially destroy American Democracy. McCain would be both stubborn and inept in the White House just like Bush.

McCain is and always has been a tool of Corporate forces in politics- just like Bush. He and his wife are likely worth hundreds of millions of dollars although the so-called “straight talker” has refused to expose their full family finances. McCain is hiding his conflicts of interests and financially self-serving political position by hiding behind his wife! It is shameful and dishonest.

Electing McCain would mean millions more Americans would lose their homes, their savings and their jobs. It would mean the near collapse of the American dollar, the almost total destruction of America as a manufacturing nation and the end of our military dominance because of economic collapse. The destruction of our Constitutionally guaranteed personal freedoms started under Bush would become complete. It would be in a very real sense a third term for George W. Bush.

McCain was a war hero in Vietnam but since then he has been a disaster for working Americans. Read about McCain at McCain if you think I am over stating the case against a McCain Presidency. His record and policy positions are about 95 % the same as George W. Bush.

The American nation cannot afford a Bush Presidency. Clinton and Obama should make any sacrifice necessary to spare the American nation of this impending disaster. I am calling on their proven patriotism to work together as a Democratic ticket to defeat Bush Republicanism in the form of John McCain. Please save the American nation!
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Written by Stephen Crockett (host of Democratic Talk Radio and Editor of Mid-Atlantic Mail: 698 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, Delaware 19702. Phone: 443-907-2367.

Feel free to publish or post without prior approval.

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MSNBC has Clinton with 1,596 delegates which means she needs 429 more to win the nomination.

They have Obama with 1,728 delegates which means he needs 297 more to win.

My count has Obama with 3 more Superdelegates than MSNBC from very recent announcements. However, regardless of those 3 delegates, Obama will almost certainly not lose enough of the remaining races by large enough margins to deny him the nomination short of a string of miracles.

Around PA In 90 Minutes-Citizen Journalists Report on PA Primary


Special 90 minute “Voice of the Voters!” & “American Voices”

Starting at 7:30 PM ET Wednesday, April 23rd

1360 AM Greater Philadelphia & and on the Internet

Millions of Pennsylvanians sought to exercise their right to vote on Tuesday, yet the 90% who had to use state’s voting machines were “voting blind.” Nonetheless, Citizen activists hit the streets to watch the parts of the process that they could monitor.

In this 90-minute special edition of Voice of the Voters & American Voices , we’ll ask:

## Why is Pennsylvania now being called the Invisible State; portents for the future?

## Were voters able to vote or turned away? Why?

## Was there any indication of “Operation Chaos”?

## What was impact of the so-called “fleeing voter”?

## Were machine breakdowns common and how were they handled? Lines?

## Were provisional and emergency ballots available?

## What “anomalies” did voters and poll watchers notice?

## What were voters most serious concerns both in voting and issues for 2008?

## What have we learned about the State of PA Elections and Potential Impact on November?

Guests will have been on the ground, gathering information, filming or handling phone calls and will present first hand knowledge of this vital State’s Operation on Primary Day. a forecast of things to come?

Dr. Alan Brau, Lehigh Valley CVI

Dr. Richard King, Western PA,

Holly Jacobson, VoterAction reports from Hotline & Legal Action

Marybeth Kuznik, VotePA, overview of the State

Michael Collins, “Scoop” Independent News

Paddy Shaffer and Marj Creech, Centre PA. Came in from Ohio Election Justice Campaign

Sara Haile-Mariam, Philadelphia & Suburbs. Representing Youth Activists around the State

Suzanne Erb, Philadelphia (also reporting on difficulties with Disability voting)

Lori Rosolowsky with special report on the “Story of Creekside” .. Disenfranchisement?

And several others will contribute their eyewitness experience as we continue to gather stories across the Keystone State

Join in this important dissection of how Pennsylvania handled the primary, key concerns and questions, hosted by Jim Strait with input from Mary Ann Gould. John Gideon of VotersUnite.Org will provide news update as well as his perspective of PA reports.

Listeners can call in questions live at 856-227-1360 and submit questions in advance at the Voice of the Voters! Website. Internet. Access also at

Archived Voice of the Voters! programs can be found at

Coalition for Voting Integrity

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