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Teamsters Union Local 401 members son awarded James R. Hoffa scholarship


AUGUST 2015, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton Edition of The Union News

Teamsters Union Local 401 members son awarded James R. Hoffa scholarship


REGION, August 5th- The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) Union Local 401, South Washington Street in Wilkes-Barre, announced that one of their members child was awarded the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship for 2015. It was third time a member of Local 401 has won the award which was named after the legendary labor leader who disappeared 40 years ago last month in Detroit. Mr. Hoffa’s remains where never discovered and law enforcement continues to follow possible leads in solving the cold case.

Mr. Hoffa became a International Brotherhood of Teamsters member in 1934 and served as General President for fourteen years, and in recognition of his service to the Union and its members after his disappearance was honored as General President Emeritus for life.

At the November 1999 IBT General Executive meeting, then General Secretary/Treasurer C. Thomas Keegel presented a resolution which was passed to establish the new scholarship fund in Mr. Hoffa’s name.

The $1,000.00 scholarship is awarded annually to 200 college students across the nation and Canada that are enrolled in an undergraduate program after they complete an essay of 500 words or less and meet several other requirements including that one or both of their parents or grand-parents must be a member of good standing of the IBT. This years essay’s topic was “What impact would an increase in union membership have on the United States economy and the middle class”. The IBT increased the scholarships to 200 recipients from 150 this year.

James J. Musto Jr., the son of James and Lisa Musto of Pittston, received the scholarship. Mr. Musto Jr. is a student of Wilkes University in Luzerne County and is enrolled as a Junior majoring in Integrative Media and Art, minoring in Marketing. His mother is employed by Local 401 as the Titan Operator, which is the communication operation used within the IBT.

In 2014 Local 401 member Deanna Habib and her husband Victor Habib daughter Amber was one of the years scholarship recipients.

Before a scholarship is awarded, the student must rank in the top 15 percent of their high-school class; have, or expect to have, excellent SAT or ACT scores; and demonstrate financial need.

Mr. Musto said he was thankfull to the IBT for his scholarship.