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Labor supported Tom Wolf easily defeats anti-union Governor Tom Corbett


NOVEMBER 2014, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton Edition of The Union News

Labor supported Tom Wolf easily defeats anti-union Governor Tom Corbett


REGION, November 6th- Labor community political candidates were generally successful in Northeastern Pennsylvania that faced an opponent for the November 4th election. However, one labor endorsed candidate seeking to replace retiring Pennsylvania House of Representative Phyllis Mundy (Democrat-120th Legislative District) was defeated.

Eileen Cipriani, easily defeated her Democratic party challenger in the May Primary Election but was defeated by Republican Aaron Kaufer. Mrs. Cipriani worked for more than twenty-four years as a Medical Technologist at Nesbitt Hospital and Wilkes-Barre General Hospital in Luzerne County. With the lose of the 120th legislative district the Democratic party will be outnumber beginning in January by more than 30 votes. Also, several labor supported political candidates running for state senate seats also loss and the Republican party, who have many members that are anti-union, will hold a 30 to 20 majority.

However, the largest prize of the November election was the Pennsylvania Governor’s face, in which the labor supported Democratic candidate Tom Wolf easily defeated the anti-union incumbent Republican Governor Tom Corbett.

The Pennsylvania American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) labor federation in Harrisburg and affiliated members of the Pennsylvania State Building and Construction Trades Council in Harrisburg along with non-affiliated labor organizations, such as the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) Union, attempting to energize their members leading-up to the election. The labor community put a high priority on defeating Mr. Corbett.

The labor community mostly endorsed Mr. Wolf, an York businessman. Mr. Wolf defeated three other Democrats that were seeking their party’s nomination for Pennsylvania Governor that wanted the chance to deny Mr. Corbett a second four-year term as Pennsylvania’s governor.

There were several labor organizations that did endorsed Mr. Corbett, including the Laborers’ District Council of Western Pennsylvania and the Boilermakers, Iron Shipbuilders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers Union Local 154.

In Northeastern Pennsylvania, Marty Flynn (Democrat-113th Legislative District; Sid Michaels Kavulich (Democrat-114th Legislative District); Eddie Day Pashinski (Democrat-121st Legislative District) and State Senator John Blake (Democrat-22nd Senatorial District) all were endorsed by the labor community and defeated their opponents.

The remaining legislators in the region were unopposed including Mike Carroll (Democrat-118th Legislative District) and the Chairman of the Northeast Pennsylvania Democratic delegation. Mr. Carroll told the newspaper after the election that the labor community’s only “fire-wall” against anti-union legislation beginning in 2015 is Mr. Wolf and his pro-worker agenda.

“Without him, labor will be in huge trouble,” said Mr. Carroll. He pointed out that Mr. Corbett was generally unsuccessful in getting most of the anti-union legislation through the Pennsylvania General Assembly the past four years because there were enough Democrats and pro-worker Republicans to stop most of it.

However, the labor community will have to work even harder to put the brakes on the anti-union bills that will surely by pushed by the pro-business legislature in Harrisburg the next two years, Mr. Carroll stated.