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Steelworkers to hold annual parade on Labor Day weekend


SEPTEMBER 2014, LEHIGH VALLEY Edition of The Union News

Steelworkers to hold annual parade on Labor Day weekend


REGION, August 25th- The United Steelworkers of America (USW) Union Local 2599, East Lehigh Street in Bethlehem, which overlooks the stacks of the former Bethlehem Steel mill, that is now the site of the Sands Casino, will conduct their annual weekend “Labor Day Parade” and picnic on August 31st.

“It will be a good time. The parade will be an opportunity for the labor community to come together,” stated Jerry Green, long-time President of Local 2599, which is one of the largest labor organizations in the Lehigh Valley.

Local 2599 along with several other USW affiliated local unions, once represented the employees of the steel mill that employed thousands of workers from throughout the Lehigh Valley.

The former site of the steel mill houses the Sands Casino and the blast furances and the stacks are now a museum.

Mr. Green told the newspaper the labor parade will start at 11:00 am from Main and Spring Streets in Bethlehem. They will march to Broad Street to Church Street and then back to Main and Spring Streets.

“We are asking for any union member to participate and bring their banners and show their colors,” Mr. Green added.

Following the parade, the Steelworkers will hold a labor picnic at the USW building. The event is free of charge and there will be live music.

Mr. Green stated that hot dogs and beverages will be part of the picnic and “it will not cost anyone to have something to eat”.

“The labor community in the Lehigh Valley needs more of this. A opportunity to come together and share some laughs and just have a good time together,” Mr. Green stated.

This year several new changes have been made by the City of Bethlehem regarding public events such as the USW parade. Such as, the city would like to know in advance the approximate number of participants.