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Two labor supporters want to represent 112th Legislative District in Harrisburg


MAY 2014, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton Edition of The Union News

Two labor supporters want to represent 112th Legislative District in Harrisburg


REGION, May 1st- Current 115th Pennsylvania Legislative District House of Representative Frank Farina is running against two fellow Democrats hoping to become their party’s nominee for the 112th seat. Mr. Farina is running against current 112th Representative Kevin Haggerty and former Valley View School District Director Bob Munley.

Because of the new drawn 112th Legislative District, which will now include more of the mid-valley area of Lackawanna County, which is currently part of the 115th Legislative District, Mr. Haggerty and Mr. Farina must face each other on May 20th for their party’s nomination. Both have served in Harrisburg since 2012.

Because of the 2010 census, changes were made to the two legislative districts and the two Representatives, that have voted in the past to support the labor community, are forced to run against each other.

“I think labor knows how hard I worked for them. I have supported legislation that helps them and voted against legislation that harms them,” said Mr. Haggerty.

During a interview by the newspaper, Mr. Farina, 37 years old, said he knows first hand how difficult it is for the working people to survive. Before being elected to serve the 115th Legislative District Mr. Farina operated a small land-scaping business, which his wife has continued to operate while he has been in Harrisburg. He said the business has only several customers and his wife manages it with the help of several employees. Mrs. Farina is a stay-at-home mom. The couple have three children.

Mr. Farina’s mother Ann is a long-time member of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Union District Council 87.

The race between the three Democrats have been heated at times while supporters involved with the campaigns have sometimes caused friction between the candidates. However, according to Mr. Farina he has spoken to Mr. Haggerty and requested they not let the situation get out of hand between themselves. “I told him, the situation was forced on us because of the re-appointment. We had nothing to do with it,” Mr. Farina stated.

He said if elected to the 112th seat he will never support the privitization of the states wine and spirits stores. Also, he opposes charter schools and any legislation that would make Pennsylvania a right-to-work state.

Mr. Farina supports having a severance tax put on the gas industry and noted that while supporters of liquor stores privitization cite the state is one of only two that continues to operate their own stores, they don’t support taxing the gas industry despite every other major gas producing state doing so. “They just keep changing their reasoning,” Mr. Farina said.