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More than 50 percent of General Dynamics Eynon plant off


DECEMBER 2013, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton Edition of The Union News

More than 50 percent of General Dynamics Eynon plant off


REGION, November 30th- Both local General Dynamics plants have workers on lay-off but the Eynon facility in Lackawanna County has more than 180 workers off.

In the previous edition’s of the newspaper, it was exclusively reported that the two General Dynamic plants in Lackawanna County recalled some laid-off workers.

Both plants have seen lay-offs during the past several years because of cutbacks in defense spending. General Dynamics has been the most effected of the big military contractors with the army withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The United Auto Workers of America (UAW) Union Local 1193 represent workers employed at the General Dynamics Land Systems plant in Eynon and has approximately 180 members on lay-off. The company employs around 130 workers including management at the Eynon plant, the union stated. The UAW represents approximately 100 workers at the Eynon plant.

The General Dynamics Land System plant recondition parts for the United States Army M1M1 battle tank.

Meanwhile, the International Association of Machinists (IAM) Union Local Lodge 847 represents the other General Dynamics plant located on Cedar Avenue in Scranton. The Scranton plant mostly produces military projectiles for the United States Army.

However, because of a contract to produce pipeline elbows for the natural gas industry, some workers have been recalled. According to the union approximately 200 workers are back in the plant.

The IAM represents around 236 workers with more than 30 still on lay-off. The newspaper previously reported the Scranton plant recalled approximately 42 Local Lodge 847 members since June.