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Two IBT/UPS regional contract supplements still out-standing


DECEMBER 2013, LEHIGH VALLEY Edition of The Union News

Two IBT/UPS regional contract supplements still out-standing


REGION, November 12th- Several regional supplemental agreements between the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) Union and the United Parcel Service (UPS) have not yet been ratified by the membership. The newspaper first reported the delay in the ratification of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the parties in the previous edition.

The IBT represents approximately 249,000 of the 323,000 UPS employees, including full and part-time workers. Around 235,000 of those are covered by the master contract agreement between the company and the IBT. Local 773 in Allentown represents workers employed by UPS in the Lehigh Valley.

In June 2013 the two parties agreed to a new five-year national master CBA that included wage increases as well as health and pension benefits.

That part of the CBA has since been agreed to however, what has yet to be settled is the sixteen supplement agreements throughout the nation.

The supplement agreements cover mostly the regional healthcare benefit packages between the IBT members and UPS. The company wanted the IBT to handle the provisions of the healthcare insurance benefits. Therefore, the supplements must be negotiated separately and approved by the rank-and-file before the CBA can take effect.

As of November 11th, two supplements were still not ratified. The Central Region supplement, which covers Local 773 members as well as IBT members throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, has been approved by the membership. Also, the Metro Philadelphia supplement has also been ratifed by the IBT/UPS members.

The two parties must yet bargain for a seperate CBA for workers employed by UPS/Freight, a national trucking company that was once known as Overnite Trucking. Overnite was once the largest nonunion trucking company in the country.

Meanwhile, the IBT represented YRC Inc. stock dropped because of problems with the company’s freight division due to the consolidatation of terminals and reducing distribution centers. Delays in shipments have occur resulting in the trucking company losing some business.

YRC has almost $1.4 billion in debt, and the company’s creditors will not allow it to refinance until the labor agreement with the Teamsters is renegotiated. The IBT represents approximately 26,000 YRC employees.