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Marley’s Mission opens new facility with help of union tradespeople


AUGUST 2013, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton Edition of The Union News

Marley’s Mission opens new facility with help of union tradespeople


REGION, August 2nd- Much of the recently opened Marley’s Mission near Ranson Township in Lackawanna County, just a few miles from the Clarks-Summit State Hospital, was constructed by volunteer tradespeople of the building and construction trades including members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Union Local 81 in Scranton.

Marley’s Mission was created after a 5 year old girl was brutally attacked in her own room by a complete stranger. Police captured the girl’s attacker and was prosecuted and is serving a life sentence.

A outpouring of support from the community was overwhelming and a fund was established for the benefit of the little girl. With these funds the family moved from their home to try to start a new life and they bought the little girl a horse.

After limited success with traditional therapy, a horse was infused into her therapy regimen and immediately a recognizable change was witnessed. For the first time since the attack, the mother of the little girl saw a glimmer of her daughter that had not been seen since July 2009, when the brutal attack occurred.

It was at this time that April Loposky realized that if a horse can have such a dramatic and positive impact on the healing process of her daughter, why couldn’t it help other childhood victims of abuse. Marley’s Mission was then created to help those victims.

First located in Lake Ariel, Marley’s Mission is a non-profit organization that provides equine-based therapy free of charge to children, and their familes, who have experienced trauma. Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) has shown evidenced-based efficacy in patients who have experience abuse and now suffer with depression, anxiety and other symptoms as a result of abuse.

Marley’s Mission has horses, the use of stables and fields at the Lake Ariel location and recently opened their new site in Lackawanna County with the volunteer help of several local building and construction trade unions.

According to Rick Schraeder, Business Manager of Local 81, his members voluntarily worked more than 2,000 man hours at Marley’s Mission Ranson site including working after normal work hours, Saturdays and Sunday’s, and even on the July 4th Holiday.

The 74 IBEW Apprentices and 50 Journeymen installed 3,000 feet of conduit, 2,500 feet of wire, 12,000 feet of MC cable and placed all of the connections, couplings, straps, fasteners, and tape needed to make the electricity work throughout the facility.

Gino Arcurie Jr., Local 81 Treasurer, told the newspaper Journeyman members Mike Brust, Clint Muir, and Adam Horsky oversaw the work. Mr. Arcurie stated his members also rescured a horse that got stuck in the mud.

IBEW Local 81 has around 500 active members which includes employees of the Scranton Housing Authority.