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Scranton School Board candidate supports PLA’s


APRIL 2013, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton Edition of The Union News

Scranton School Board candidate supports PLA’s


REGION, March 30th- Scranton Democratic School Board candidate Douglas Miller stated during a interview with the newspaper if elected to serve he would not vote to overturn the Project Labor Agreement (PLA) between the School District and the affiliated labor organizations of the Scranton Building and Construction Trades Council.

A PLA is a comprehensive agreement signed between a builder or a government body and local craft unions under which a construction project(s) is agreed to be completed by workers from local union halls, in return for a guarantee of no strikes, a steady labor supply, and labor peace.

The agreement between the parties has been in place for more than a decade and the building of the high school in Scranton along with the new elementary school and the removation of a elementary school in South Scranton was done under the terms of the PLA.

Mr. Miller is 23 years old and had previously unsuccessfully attempted to gain a seat on Scranton City Council.

Four of the nine seats of the Scranton School Board are available in 2013.

Mr. Miller told the newspaper he is not running as any part of a team of candidates, stating that is part of the problem with Scranton politics, elected officials vote as a team rather than support legislation that is good for the people.

There are eleven candidates seeking to be nominated in the May election. Three of the candidates, including Mr. Miller, are seeking the Democatic party nomination and the others have cross filed.