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Labor Community reaching-out to members regarding election


OCTOBER 2012, Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton edition of The Union News

Labor Community reaching-out to members regarding election


REGION, September 17th- The American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) labor federation and the rest of the labor community have begun reaching-out to their membership requesting they support Democratic United States of America President Barack Obama and vote on November 6th.

According to Roxanne Pauline, Field Representative of the Northeastern Area Labor Federation (ALF), which AFL-CIO labor councils throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania are affiliated including the Lehigh Valley Labor Council, the grassroots labor federation political program “Labor 2012″ is underway.

The program is intended to better educate union members and their households about how Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney if elected would not support the working people and legislation important to the labor community.

The grassroots political program includes visits by fellow union members at unionized job sites, making phone calls to members homes, and knocking on doors of union members. The home addresses and phone numbers are provided by the members labor organizations.

Ms. Pauline stated visits to union members homes is underway and fliers provided by the AFL-CIO in Washington are being left at union members homes.

According to a flier, Mitt Romney has been called a “pioneer” of outsourcing jobs as CEO of Bain Capital, and supports a tax plan that will encourage companies to ship even more jobs overseas.

Mr. Romney stated we should, “Let Detroit go bankrupt,” the flier points-out. The AFL-CIO stated Mr. Romney’s opinion makes sense considering he made his fortune destroying American companies and forcing them to close plants, lay-off workers and eliminate pensions and health care.

The AFL-CIO also wants to make sure union members votes count on November 6th due to changes made to the Pennsylvania election law.

The Repubican controlled General Assembly in Harrisburg passed H.B. 934 in the spring that will force voters to show identification in the fall election. Pennsylvania Republican Governor Tom Corbett signed the legislation into law even though Democrats and others opposed the legislation believing it will result in longer lines at polls and was nothing but a “Trojan horse” designed to tip election battles in Republicans’ favor.

Approximately 21 million American adults do not have a government issued photo identification card. Around 15 percent of low-income people, which do not own or drive a car, lack a valid card.

According to all major polls in Pennsylvania, Mr. Obama has a big lead over Mr. Romney.

On September 15th the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper reported Mr. Obama leads his Republican opponent by 11 percentage points in Pennsylvania.

Also, Republican affiliated super PAC’s have cut or stopped advertising on television since Labor Day in the state instead investing into other swing states like Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Virginia and Wisconsin. According to the Wall Street Journal on September 14th, Mr. Obama holds leads outside the margin of error in Ohio, Florida and Virginia.

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