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Current PA registered voters that lack proper ID is huge


AUGUST 2012, Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton edition of The Union News

Current PA registered voters that lack proper ID is huge


REGION, July 22nd- Republican members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly estimate during the debate leading-up the passage of the Pennsylvania’s new voter Identification (ID) Law that 99 percent of current registered voters will still be able to vote in the November election was not even close to how many will be denied their United States Constitutional right.

Pennsylvania Republican Governor Tom Corbett signed into law just hours after the Pennsylvania State House passed House Bill 934 that will force voters to show photo ID in the November election.

Mr. Corbett stated in April after signing the legislation that the so called “Voter ID bill” will bring greater integrity to the election process and would protect honest voters. However, most Democrats of the General Assembly opposed the legislation believing the law will result in longer lines at polls and was nothing but a Trojan horse designed to tip election battles in Republicans’ favor.

Analysis of the new law indicates nearly 10 percent of all voters in Pennsylvania will not be able to participate in the November election unless they get the required ID cards. Computer data developed by the Pennsylvania Department of State and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation concluded that almost 8.2 million Pennsylvania voters lack proper ID, with the majority living in the most populous areas of the state, the cities where Republicans are greatly out-numbered. Almost a fifth of Pennsylvanians over 65 also lack proper identification.

Republican House of Representatives Majority Leader Mike Turzai bragged at a party gathering that voter ID would help the GOP win Pennsylvania in the fall election, making it clear the new law had nothing to do with the integrity of the election process.

The reason Republicans gave for the legislation was because of “voter fraud” however, according to several studies the problem is not an issue.

In a five-year study released by the Bush Administration Justice Department found virtually no evidence of voter fraud and only a few mistakes that had allowed ineligible voters to participate in elections. From 2002 to 2007, the Bush Administration ordered its United States Attorney Generals in every state in the union to look for and prosecute cases of voter fraud. Only 120 people were charged nationwide, with just 86 convictions out of 300 million votes nationwide cast.

Observers have pointed-out the new voter ID rules passed by Republicans in 2012 in the nation, including in Pennsylvania, has to do with brining down the number of voters in November. In the last presidential election 63 percent of the eligible voters case ballots, the best showing in 48 years.

However, the Center for the Study of the American Electorate report stated the GOP has seen an erosion of support in New England, the mid-Atlantic, the West and mountain states including Colorado. The study observed the only demographic group from which the GOP draws significant numbers is white men, which will be soon in the minority.

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