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Fighting 21st Century “Evil” in American Politics


Fighting 21st Century “Evil” in American Politics

By Stephen Crockett

What does “evil” mean in terms of politics? This is a question that we seem to rarely ask in 21st Century America. At this point in our history, I think it is high time to pose this question because we seem to be at risk of losing our way as a people. We need to examine our core values…. and quickly find our way back to the American Dream again.

“Evil” comes in many forms. It is justified with many excuses. It must constantly be fought.

Intentionally doing harm to your most vulnerable fellow American citizens is “evil.” In my opinion, this kind of “evil” is in the deepest sense an “un-American” betrayal of core American values. It is a betrayal of the American Dream. It is an assault on the idea that we are, or at least should be, reaching for a better world, a better society with opportunity for all and a common purpose in order to make life better for every single American. We should be reaching for these goals by working together as a nation and a people.

When officeholders and politicians seek to intentionally spread misery among the most unfortunate and powerless among us, they are engaging in “evil” acts. Refusing to help the sick, the hungry, the homeless, the poor and the unemployed are essentially “evil” acts. Choosing to behave this way, just so the wealthiest and most powerful few among us can increase their already excessive wealth and power, is even more “evil.”

Asking the wealthiest and most powerful among us to pay their fair share of taxes is perfectly reasonable. They are the ones who have and will continue to benefit the most from this great nation that we all built together. They get the most out of the American nation as their massive wealth and power indicate and they have the financial ability to contribute more back to our common goals without enduring significant hardship.

Our elected representatives need to be compassionate and caring people because the American people are compassionate and caring people. This is the American way. This common sense of purpose helps define us as a people and is at the core of the American Dream. We are a common people. We are in this great American national experience together. Those officeholders whose public acts do not demonstrate these values deserve to be thrown out of office by the American people.

Denying your fellow American citizens a voice in the democratic processes of the American nation just to increase your personal power or that of your particular group is truly “evil” and “un-American.” In my opinion, this kind of “evil” is in the deepest sense an “un-American” betrayal of core American values. It is a betrayal of the American Dream. It is an assault on the political ideas that define us as a nation and a people.

From the founding of the American Republic, we have been reaching more or less continually for more political equality and slowly achieving it. The great experiment that is the United States of America is based on a growing sense of political democracy. We have constantly struggled to give all our citizens a voice in our democratic government that is equal to every other American citizen.

We were never meant to be ruled by an aristocracy of inherited wealth or political power. The American people since the founding of our nation have struggled against some people or groups of people who have wealth and power and want to rule over the rest of us. They have tried to rig the political processes and economy in order to benefit themselves. In recent years, they have had increasing success and the nation is suffering as a result,

Elected officeholders and public officials are meant to represent us instead of rule over us. They are not meant to be our rulers acting on behalf of the economic and power elite. Officeholders, as representatives, instead of rulers, should remain the political core value of our American nation.

When politicians and officeholders construct barriers to voting for large segments of American citizens in order to increase their political power, they are acting in an “evil” manner. They should be condemned by all Americans, including members of their own political party, and thrown out of office. They cannot be trusted. They are trying to be rulers instead of representatives.

As a nation, the United States of America is bound together by a set of ideas and core values. They should be reflected in our government institutions, our political processes and our laws. We are not defined by a single race, religion, language or ethnic group. Instead, our nation is defined by a set of ideas and values which at their core are about political democracy, community of purpose and equal opportunity.

We should never surrender the core values of American political democracy, community of purpose and equal opportunity for all Americans to the dark sides of our own human nature nor to the greed and power lust of those with excessive wealth and power. To do so, would be to surrender the American Dream to “evil” and end the great democratic experiment which is the American nation.

Written by Stephen Crockett (President of College, host & founder of Democratic Talk Radio, Editor, Mid-Atlantic )

Email: Phone: 443-907-2367.

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