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US Post Office under attack by corporate forces


We should demand that the Postmaster General resign. He hates the postal service and his employees. We should not be closing post offices or reducing services. We should not be firing postal employees. We should stop over-funding the pension system and should be raising postal rates especially for large commercial mailers.

Republicans say we should turn the postal system over to private businesses but private businesses would not be able to profitably get mail 6 days a week to every home in America. Rural Americans, the poor and seniors need daily mail. Private businesses will raise rates by huge degrees and cut services. Private businesses are not as efficient as our current postal system. All we need to do is raise postal rates and get much better upper management that actually believes in the mission of the post office!

I support the American Postal Workers Union, the Rural Letter Carriers union, the National Association of Letter Carriers and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union. The Republicans (and a few corporate Democrats in the US Senate) want to destroy all 4 postal unions and increase unemployment in America.

Millions of Americans will face late charges on credit cards and bills if Saturday mail goes away. The poor, seniors and millions of rural Americans do not have access to the Internet to pay bills. Credit card companies and Federal Express will make tons of money from the proposed changes. All consumers and average American citizens will suffer.

The post office helps weave together the fabric of the American nation.

In Solidarity,

Stephen Crockett

Host, Democratic Talk Radio

Editor, Mid-Atlantic

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