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Is A 2008 Consensus Emerging Against “Free Trade” Policies?


By Doug Cunningham

Pollster and Democratic political strategist Doug Scheon says a consensus is emerging on changing course in U.S. trade policy because the reality of what our so-called free trade policies have done to hurt U.S. workers, businesses and consumers is becoming clear. Scheon says unions have been instrumental in helping create this shift, but they no longer alone in their positions on the issue.

: “I think labor unions have been and will remain influential. But I think today we’re looking at a new consensus on trade, involving labor, working people and also business people who recognize that you can’t compete fairly - you can’t have free trade - if other nations are playing by rules that are very, very much different from our own.”

Scheon believes trade will be very important in the 2008 presidential election.

: “Unless we pass legislation quickly to protect American working people and American consumers, we are making a profound mistake as a country. I think this election will be a watershed in terms of changing attitudes on trade and policy. And I believe that the net winners will be the American people if we develop a new consensus on trade.”

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