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Stan the union man.

My name is Anthony Lee, I’m the CEO of Paths Corporation. My company ran an ad on the Andy Johnson show back in the January, February time frame.

I wanted to introduce to you my corporations plans to create new industry jobs for union workers. Paths Corporation would like to present our offer to combine all unions together in an effort to create new union jobs.

Our plan is to create several large scale projects to clean the environment and employ union workers, at the same time.

This is how it works.

We are asking citizens to fund our projects by purchasing our videos, starting with union workers. Proceeds from the sale of our videos will be used to finance our projects, employ union workers and pay salaries.

If all union workers across the nation purchased (1) of our $5 videos, every month we would have enough money to fund all of our large scale projects today and start hiring union workers tomorrow.

On our website, click on the “HE” project. The HE project is designed to replace all gas engines/drivetrains with Hydrogen engines. We will work with the big three auto manufactures to purchase the hydrogen replacement kits, and pay unionized mechanics to install the hydrogen kits.

This will create union jobs and job security for existing union auto workers. In addition to creating jobs for unionized auto mechanics who will install the hydrogen replacement kits, at local dealerships and auto repair shops.

If union workers from different unions pull together and help one and another to finance our projects, we can create new industry jobs for all union citizens.

Union workers from the medical field, electrical workers and homebuilder unions, purchase (1) video, the sales will finance the “HE” project that will create jobs for the auto manufacture union members.

Once the “HE” project is financed, the auto manufacture union workers, electrical workers, medical and homebuilders union members purchase (1) video, the sales will finance the “HI” project. That will create jobs for the unionized electrical workers.

After the “HI” project is financed the union workers from the medical field, homebuilders union, electrical workers, and auto manufactures will purchase (1) video, the sales will finance our “AH&MS” project, creating jobs for unionized medical workers.

Same as with our “PC” project designed to employ homebuilders and construction workers, etc.

To start, Paths will ask the heads of each union, especially the large ones to purchase (1) of our project videos for each union member. In return, paths will create the (16) large scale projects, hire citizens, and pay the union dues for the workers we hire. Sort of like a “You scratch my back, I will scratch your back” type of approach.

End result, the unions will finance new industry projects to create their own jobs for union workers, and paths will physically create the projects and hire union workers.

As advertised on the Andy Johnson show, S3A is our advertising campaign, showcasing street artist. Once we receive funding to purchase our HD camcorders, S3A will record and feature your talk radio show, (and your sponsors ads) and post the videos of your show on youtube for free.

Once S3A gets established, we will create a daily series for talk radio shows, by installing one of our flat screens and web cams in your studio. Your show would air in the shops and restaurants that support us, and on Google TV, in addition to being posted on YouTube.

I think you should talk about our plans to combine all unions, on your show.

Send me an email to tell me what you think of our plan.
I’m going to contact the “Tom Hartman” show as well.

Thanks for your time.