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Representative Mann supports American made Resolution


November 2009, Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton edition of The Union News

Representative Mann supports American made Resolution


ALLENTOWN, October 15th- Democratic Pennsylvania House of Representative Jennifer Mann (132nd Legislative District), stated she is proud to join colleagues of the General Assembly in Harrisburg in supporting House Resolution 164, which calls for projects funded by the stimulus plan to give perferential treatment to United States based firms in procuring services and manufacturing goods. Representative Mann is Majority Caucus Secretary.

“Pennsylvania has received a windfall of federal dollars through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRAct). This has put America on the road to recovery from the national recession,” said Ms. Mann who serves on the Pennsylvania Stimulus Oversight Commission, which was established to ensure that ARRA funds is documented.

She stated as a result of the stimulus plan, more commonly known as the federal economic stimulus plan, Pennsylvania is paving roads, fixing bridges and building schools. “Not only has this made our Commonwealth a better place to live, invest and raise a family, but it has also helped create and retain thousands of family-sustaining jobs for men and women across our state,” added Ms. Mann. The 132nd District includes most of Lehigh County.

“Democrats and Republicans put their ideological differences aside and voted unanimously in favor of the resolution in order to help American businesses survive and thrive,” Ms. Mann added.

In her opinion, for the most part the ARRAct has been successful for Pennsylvanians, but there is still more opportunities to create even more jobs by maximizing the purchasing power of the dollars the state is receiving from the federal government. In addition to continuing public construction products, domestically manufactured materials should be used as often as possible.

“When it is not possible to get a specific material or product from a United States producer, ARRA project managers can apply for a ‘procurement prioity waiver,’ which allows them to acquire the material or product from a foreign source. The waiver requests are public information; however, that information has not been easily accessible until recently,” stated Ms. Mann.

The procurement priority waiver requests is listed at the state’s official federal stimulus project website: Because of the site local manufacturers can quickly see what is being requested and adjusted their production lines accordingly to meet demands.

“The posting will help our companies retain and create jobs instead of losing business to outsourcing. Commonwealth businesses will be able to take advantage of a simple, easy-to-use tool that will allow entrepreneurs, plant managers, investors and laborers to discover in-demand products and secure the contracts for these goods and services, maximizing the valuable economic development dollars we are receiving from the federal government,” added Ms. Mann.

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