Skyline of Richmond, Virginia

Rally today with AFGE Local 331 against the Shutdown of the American Government


I am passing on this message from our federal government union friends. I will be there. Please pass the word.

In Solidarity,

Stephen Crockett

No deal: Government agencies shut down The first federal shutdown in 17 years has officially begun as a deadlocked Congress failed to reach an agreement on a short-term funding measure.

Please join me and other federal employees for an informational rally at the front entrance to the Perry Point site of the VAMHCS. The rally will be held at 12 Noon at the entrance to the Perry Point VA Medical Center in the town of Perryville, Maryland next to Rogers Historic Tavern Center, 259 Broad St Perryville, MD 21903.

The local media will be covering the events, so please make every effort to attend. “We need Congress to do what they were elected to do and pass a budget that allows the federal government to function.

Debates over raising the debt ceiling and implementing the Affordable Care Act should not jeopardize federal programs and services that millions of Americans depend on.” Congress also must avoid using an future continuing resolution to gut benefit programs affecting working class men and women. Anything that would cut entitlement benefits like Social Security and Medicare or change how pensions are calculated for federal employees has no place in a continuing resolution. This issue is about all federal employees.

We need to stand united with our brothers and sisters who are again having their pay attacked. Many of the federal employees have already been furloughed six (6) days. Enough! In contrast, contractors who operate outside federal facilities will be able to continue to work and be paid. This double standard is outrageous and shows how phony this political stunt is. The two government shutdowns in fiscal 1996, totaling 26 days, cost taxpayers $1.4 billion, according to the Congressional Research Service.

Why Rally: Now that the Government is shut down, there are a number of representatives that want to settle this shutdown on the backs of working federal employees. Two ideas floating is to extend the pay freeze for (5) five years, and require federal employees to pay an additional five (5) percent more into federal employees retirement plans. Federal employees will pay 4.4 percent more toward their health insurance premiums in 2014, the Office of Personnel Management announced last week.

Are you going to stand silent, or are you going to help your Union get out the message that you have had enough. If you cannot make the event, please contact your representative and make your position known. Call your Representative toll free at 1-888-775-3148. Follow the instructions to be connected directly to your Representative’s office.

Deliver this simple message: I’m calling to urge the Representative to Stop the Lockout and Stop the Sequester”. It’s that simple!

United we stand, or divided we beg! PLEASE HELP US TO HELP EACH OTHER!

Thank You,

Wayne Marion
President, AFGE Local 331