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Pennsylvania Health Access Network statement on Affordable Care Act court ruling


HARRISBURG, PA (September 14, 2011) ― Pennsylvania Health Access Network Project Manager Antoinette Kraus issued a statement on Tuesday’s ruling by Judge Christopher Conner of Pennsylvania’s Middle U.S. District Court that the personal responsibility provision of the Affordable Care Act ― the requirement that individuals purchase health insurance by 2014 when the law is fully implemented ― is unconstitutional.

“The Affordable Care Act has already reduced prescription drug and health care costs for over 2 million Pennsylvania seniors and allowed tens of thousands of young adults to remain on their parents’ insurance. It will protect millions of working families from the worst insurance abuses, like denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions and discriminatory pricing based on a person’s gender or medical history. By 2014, new coverage options will open the door to affordable, quality health care for more than a million Pennsylvanians, seniors and small businesses.”

“Judge Conner and other federal district judges have split on the question of the Affordable Care Act’s responsibility provision, while two federal appeals courts have upheld its constitutionality. We look forward to seeing these cases resolved finally by the Supreme Court, where we are confident that the law will be upheld.”