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Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Endorses Senator Arlen Specter in the May 18th Primary Election


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Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Endorses Senator Arlen Specter in the May 18th Primary Election

Harrisburg, PA - Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President William George today announced the endorsement of Democratic U.S. Senator Arlen Specter in the upcoming May 18th Primary Election. The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO is the largest labor organization in the state representing over 900,000 union members represented by unions affiliated with the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.

“In our opinion Senator Arlen Specter is the strongest advocate and supporter for good jobs, fair trade policies, workers’ rights and quality affordable health care for all. He is a proven leader who has stood with working families when the chips are down, especially his key role in passing the American Recovery and Reinvestment of 2009 which has protected jobs, helped unemployed workers, and prevented this nation from sinking into another great depression,” Pennsylvania

AFL-CIO President Bill George said.

“Throughout his career in the U. S. Senate, he has stood with Pennsylvania’s working families fighting against unfair trade policies that destroy good jobs, fighting for workers’ rights and equal opportunity, and fighting to protect Pennsylvania communities and workers against unfair budget cuts during the Bush Administration,” George said.

It’s for these reasons that the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Executive Council endorses Senator Specter for election in the May 18th Primary. It’s the third time that Senator Specter has been endorsed by the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO which requires two-thirds majority of the State Labor Federation’s Executive Council. Senator Specter was endorsed in the 1998 and 2004 General Elections.

“We will conduct an energetic and aggressive education and mobilization campaign of union families throughout Pennsylvania in support of Senator Specter’s nomination by voters on the Democratic ballot. Our principle obligation will be in helping share his record and message of support for all of Pennsylvania’s workers,” Rick Bloomingdale, Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer said.

Endorsements were also made for several of Pennsylvania’s contested U.S. House of Representatives races in the May 18th Primary Election. The full list of these endorsements will be provided later today.