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Polls Suggest Republicans May Not Gain as Much as They Think


Polls Suggest Republicans May Not Gain as Much as They Think

by: RDemocrat

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With the state of the economy and the healthcare fight, Republicans all over the airwaves see themselves as poised to make huge gains in the House and Senate late next year in the mid-term elections. However, here in the real world, a place that seemingly does not exist in the Republican mindset the numbers may tell a different story. While President Obama and the Congress have lost some of their shine and popularity, it appears as if the American people simply despise the Republican Party, their leaders and tactics.

Over at Kos they have partnered with Reasearch 2000 to keep a running poll of the approval ratings of the President, Congress and both parties and the numbers are quite telling this time around.

President Obama still remains mostly popular as his Approval rating is at 54% with disapproval at 41. I think had he fought for his Progressive base and not lost many of them those numbers would be higher.

In the Congress, Democrats are not faring quite as well. Nancy Pelosi comes in with a 42% approval and 50% disapproval. Again, I think this can be linked to Progressives showing disappointment in their leadership and abandoning ship somewhat.

More proof of that comes with Harry Reid’s numbers. It is almost a concensus among Progressives that Reid and the body he leads in the Senate quite simply sold us down the river. His numbers, more than Pelosi’s reflect that. He chimes in at 31% approval while a whopping 59% disapprove. Again, the abandonment of our base has cost him dearly.

Overall Congressional Dems have 39% approval and 55% disapproval and the Democratic Party as a whole has 41% approval and 54% disapproval.

Now, all these numbers do suggest an opening besides Obama’s but when you look closer maybe not so much. You see, the GOP’s standing among Americans is worse than terrible.

Looking at their Congressional leadership both Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are at a whopping 17%. 65% disappove of McConnell while 63% disapprove of Boehner.

In the Congress, the GOP fares even worse with only 15% of Americans approving of their tactics. At 69% disapproval almost seven in ten Americans cannot stand them. The Republican Party as a whole barely have one in four Americans in their corner at 28%. 62% of Americans oppose them.

So while Democrats have been taking a hit, the Republicans are less popular than ever. Their policies have been proven failures and the American people have not yet forgotten how bad the messed the country up when they controlled government. It seems to be a concensus in America that Republicans simply cannot be trusted to govern. Let us hope they keep doing exactly what they are doing.

As for the Democrats I have a bit of advice for the coming year. Stop abandoning your base and fight for us if you want your numbers to improve. Quit fighting for Corporate America and “reaching out” to Republicans and Democrats that should be and give us a real choice. Fight for the average, working American like the Democratic Party has long been depended on to do.

If Democrats do this I actually predict they will lose very few if any seats and may actually gain a few in 2010. It is really up to the President and our leadership at this point whether they will stay in a huge majority or not.