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Tell Obama to stand with American auto workers and retirees!


Dear Stephen Crockett,


Once again, it’s time for all of us to stand up for active and retired U.S. auto workers. Please contact President Obama today at 1 (202) 456-1414, or send him an e-mail via

The Obama administration has established tight deadlines for the restructuring of Chrysler and General Motors. For the federal government to provide additional assistance to the automakers, the restructuring of Chrysler must be completed by the end of April, and the General Motors restructuring must be completed by the end of May.

The UAW is actively involved in the complex restructuring negotiations, which involve the Obama auto task force, Chrysler and GM management, Fiat, bondholders and secured lenders, dealers, parts suppliers, and other stakeholders. These negotiations will have a major impact on wages and benefits for active and retired UAW members.

UAW members, friends, families and supporters can speak up by calling the White House at 1 (202) 456-1414, or sending an e-mail via

We need President Obama and his auto task force to stand up for the interests of workers and retirees in these restructuring negotiations. Please call or e-mail President Obama right away on this critically important issue. Tell him to insist that workers and retirees must be treated in a fair and equitable manner in any restructuring plans!

Again, you can call the President at 1 (202) 456-1414. Or you can send an e-mail to the White House Web site at

Thanks in advance for your efforts on this priority issue.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is my email sent to President Obama:

” The President needs to act to save the American auto industry without punishing American auto workers or retirees.

The biggest contibutor to this current mess has been free trade without universal healthcare. Whatever it takes to keep the Big Three functioning should be done while you correct this insane trade-healthcare policy error!

How are American manufacturing going to compete with foreign companies when our companies are saddled with healthcare costs while foreign companies benefit from governments paying healthcare costs for employeees, retireees and their families?”

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