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AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka’s Remarks to USW Convention, July 1, 2008


Click on this link to see and hear this short speech. It is only slightly more than 7 minutes long but really is a worthwhile experience. I want to thank my buddy and union brother USW Local 2599 Vice President George Bonser for sending it to me to be posted here.

Northern Virginia Area Labor Federation largest Labor Day picnic in nearly 20 years



The Northern Virginia Area Labor Federation hosted “the largest Labor Day picnic the Northern Virginia Area Labor Federation has hosted in the nearly 20 years of doing so,” reports NoVa’s Dan Duncan. “About 300 people attended, including Labor-endorsed Congressional candidates Gerry Connolly (VA 11th District) and Judy Feder (VA 10th District) as well as state senators, delegates and local officials from Arlington, Fairfax and Prince William counties. Members contributed several hundred dollars to the Fire Fighters’ MDA ‘Fill the Boot’ drive and many Employee Free Choice Act pledge cards were signed.”

Obama-McCain Comparison on Taxes, Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) and more at AFL-CIO Blog


Sept. 4, 2008

Who benefits from John McCain’s tax agenda? The same people who have done so well under the Bush economy## the wealthy and big corporations. But, according to unbiased, just-the-facts analyses from economists and mainstream media, the overwhelming majority of taxpayers## especially those in the lower- and middle-income range## would see a bigger tax cut under Barack Obama’s plan than McCain’s. Your choice. More of McSame or more in your pocket?


Quick Poll: Are the candidates and media paying enough attention to working family issues?

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