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Obama makes a $150 billion commitment to “green jobs” American manufacturing


I just saw a press conference Obama held in Michigan. He pledged $150 billion dollars to the creation of “green jobs” in American manufacturing. He stated that this program would create up to 5 million new jobs.

Specifically, he said his Administration would insure that new fuel efficient and alternative energy automobiles would be made in America. He said batteries for electric cars would be manufactured instead of imported.

Mid-Atlantic has been calling for the re-industrialization of America since it was founded. We applaud Senator Obama’s statement and program as an essential first start!

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The comments below are from our friends at Labor Radio.

While Senator Hillary Clinton spent Wednesday hitting the talk show circuit on the heels of her 41 point victory in West Virginia, Senator Barack Obama was hitting the manufacturing circuit in Michigan:

Senator Barack Obama spent Wednesday touring plants in Michigan on Wedenesday and while in Warren, Mich. He laid out his manufacturing plan. The proposal calls for $150 billion for the development of green technology over the next decade which he believes will result in the creation of more than 5 million green jobs and reinforce the country’s infrastructure. Obama used the opportunity to take on his Republican Presidential competitor John McCain. He said McCain doesn’t have a vision for bringing jobs back to Michigan or even creating new ones. Obama said his plan will benefit from the skilled workforce that already exists in the Midwest by offering job training that allows competition in the world economy. McCain’s campaign fired back after Obama spoke calling his manufacturing plan “weak leadership and poor judgment.”

Pennsylvania Union Members Get Ready for the Election


Pennsylvania Union Members Get Ready for the Election

by Seth Michaels, May 13, 2008

Union activists from across the state came together in Philadelphia in recent days for a two-day training session in getting out the vote as part of the union movement’s Labor 2008 political mobilization program.

Members of more than a dozen unions participated in presentations that overviewed key working family issues like health care, the economy and Sen. John McCain’s anti-labor voting record. Attendees engaged in dynamic discussions about effective communication, worksite visits and activist recruitment.

The Philadelphia training is one of a series of Labor 2008 trainings that have taken place around the country in key states like Missouri, Ohio and Colorado.

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Richard Bloomingdale addressed the group, highlighting the significance of the November election and the important role of union voters. He was joined by Philadelphia Council of the AFL-CIO President Patrick Eiding, who thanked participants for taking part.

Jack Fischer, Erie-Crawford Central Labor Council president, said the most important result of the training was inspiration.

I got direction on how to overcome some of the obstacles that prevent people from getting involved.

He added that he plans to go into his office on Monday and make some calls about the May 17 walk coming up this Saturday.

Jake Long, from the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM) Local 464, said that while “we’ve got our work cut out for us,” the one thing he knows after the training this week is that he “needs to get started.”

Political mobilization trainings will continue across the state this summer.