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AFSCME PA Council 13 Launches ‘Operation Veterans Hope’


April 25, 2008

Thermal clothing, computer game consoles, a large-screen television and other items were donated April 8 to residents of the Southeastern Veterans Center in Spring City by Pennsylvania Council 13 and District Council 88.

“To all the veterans here today, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from every member of the AFSCME family,” said Council 13 Exec. Dir. David R. Fillman, who is also an International vice president. He noted the union’s “unique bond” with those serving in the armed forces. “Nationwide, more than a third of our 1.4 million members have served in Iraq or Afghanistan, or have family members who have done so.”

Council 13 plans to make donations at six veterans’ centers throughout the state. Members from more than 20 locals have already donated thousands of dollars in cash, clothing and supplies, and fundraising will continue.

The council’s program is part of a new initiative, AFSCME’s Matching Fund for Veterans, which will provide support for state veterans homes throughout the country. Through matching grants, AFSCME affiliates are encouraged to “adopt” these homes and to initiate their own fundraising drives.

AFSCME Launches a New Matching Fund Program to Give Back to Our Veterans

November 9, 2007

AFSCME has a unique bond with the brave men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line for our country. More than a third of our members have served in Iraq or Afghanistan, or have family members who have done so. Likewise, many of our members provide care at veterans’ homes and hospitals across the country.

Now AFSCME is launching a new initiative to give back to our veterans. AFSCME’s Matching Fund for Veterans program seeks to provide support for state veteran homes throughout the nation.

AFSCME represents workers at veterans’ homes in 15 different states. The International Union is encouraging the affiliates in these states to “adopt” those homes and engage their communities in fundraising drives. For this purpose, it has established a fund that will match up to $5,000 of what each council raises for their veterans’ homes to provide those “extras” that can make a big difference to the veterans there. The program starts on Monday, November 12 – the legal public holiday for Veterans’ Day – and will run through June 1, 2008.

The initiative was inspired by members of Connecticut Council 4, which for the last four years has sponsored a Veterans Memorial Day Picnic fundraiser. Between donations of food, money and merchandise, AFSCME members in Connecticut have raised more than $250,000 over the period, paying for the construction of athletic fields, and the installation of computers and TVs, among other items. Members of Council 4 also contacted the renowned custom motorcycle manufacturer Orange County Choppers to build a veterans-themed motorcycle for a special raffle.

The Matching Fund for Veterans recipients will be announced during AFSCME’s 38th International Convention in San Francisco. For additional information, contact Diane Burke, Conference and Travel Services at (202) 429-1093 or .