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All people or organizations seeking to post content to this site need approval. Contact Stephen Crockett at to have us create a posting account for you.

If you have a connection to organized labor, please mention a little about it. It helps determine the level of use we assign.

This site needs news releases and articles from your union or the labor movement in your area


We cover developments in Delaware, Maryland, DC, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York and West Virginia along with national labor stories.

You can ask to have an account created so that you can post directly to this site without moderation. We do not permit obscene language nor attacks on other unions or union leaders. The site cannot be used for campaigning for union offices in your internal union election.

Please email me at if you want to join the team. Please include a brief note about your connection to the labor movement. I can be reached by phone at 443-907-2367.

In Solidarity,

Stephen S. Crockett

Editor & Founder, Mid-Atlantic

Posting this site


Please email me at if you want to post articles or comments. Or call me at 443-907-2367.

We are looking for labor activists and leaders to post news items and press releases. We need more coverage from all the Mid-Atlantic states (Delaware, Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.)

In Solidarity,

Stephen Crockett

Editor & Owner,

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If you wish to do either, please email Stephen Crockett at

Because of automated spammers, most comments just get deleted without reading. We get hundreds every day that have zero to do with the articles.

We got the same with User sign-ups. We will create User accounts for those with a real connection to the Labor Movement. site information


This site was founded by Mid-Atlantic Editor & Publisher, Stephen Crockett. He is a member of the National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981) and OPEIU Local 277. Crockett serves on many Central Labor Councils in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland as an OPEIU 277 delegate including Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley and Delmarva. In 2006, he was a NWU delegate to the National UAW CAP convention in Washington, DC. He is an associate member of the United Steelworkers (USW).

Stephen Crockett is co-host and founder of Democratic Talk Radio and writes the Democratic Voices opinion column. His writings routinely appear on numerous sites like OpEd, Buzzflash and American Chronicle. Crockett is a union public relations specialist for American Income Life Insurance.

Mid-Atlantic area and national unions are invited to send event notices for submission to the Mid-Atlantic Labor Calendar or other correspondence to . Event listings can be seen at .

Press releases are desired on any activities of your union. As many as possible will be published. Union activists are invited to post the site. The posting rules are no attacks on other unions or unionists.

The site has extensive links to unions and union-related resources. It is designed to be a tool for the busy unionist. Suggestions are invited. Please let us add your union website to our links if it is not already listed.

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Please send all email to about events you want placed in the Labor Event Calendar. Anything in Delaware, DC, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey or Pennsylvania… but will include some outside the region.

Please do not attack other unions or union activists on my site.

Please register if you wish to comment often. Send me an email with a little bio if you have time. There are different levels of users and background will help me rate your level. For most users, your level will rise over time. The top level permits direct use without approval of posts.

If you union has a website, we would like to add a link to it. We hope you will add us to your links.


Stephen Crockett