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Pro-union talk radio nearly blankets the state of Pennsylvania


I want to make friends of Democratic Talk Radio aware of a great addition to non-Republican Right talk radio in Pennsylvania.

Charles Showalter is hosting a great new show Monday-Friday on KFB 770AM from noon to 1pm. The show is called The Union Edge Talk Radio. The studio line is 412-829-7100.

Here are a couple of Podcast links:

Our good friend Michael Morrill of Keystone Progress

AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka

There is much more information at his website at and we encourage DTR fans to explore that site.

We will be having Charles Showalter are a future guest on our Lehigh Valley WGPA SUNNY 1100AM Democratic Talk Radio program which broadcasts on Thursday mornings from 8:05am until 9am.. Our call-in line is 610-866-8074.

Charles Showalter is a member of the AFTRA union.
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As we expand our Democratic Talk Radio show into the Philadelphia market in coming months, we are intentionally not broadcasting during the time slots of The Union Edge , The Labor to Neighbor Show or The Rick Smith Show. We applaud the great work of all the great hosts.

They are all union brothers and sisters. All are friends of Democratic Talk Radio.

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On weekends, you can hear pro-union, progressive talk radio in Pennsylvania by tuning into The Rick Smith Show with host Rick Smith. His website is

His show broadcasts on WHYL 960AM on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 2pm. The call-in line is 1-877-960-0960.

You can hear Podcasts of past Rick Smith shows at this link and we advise spending the time to do so. Explore his web site while there.

Rick Smith is a good friend and frequent guest on Democratic Talk Radio. We highly recommend his show! It gets huge ratings in the Carlisle-Harrisburg, PA market and reaches most of central Pennsylvania plus surrounding areas.

Rick Smith is an active member of the Teamsters

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In the Philadelphia market, we have another great pro-labor talk radio show on WURD 900AM.

“The Labor to Neighbor Radio Show is heard Tuesdays at noon. The hosts, Patrick J. Eiding and Janet H. Ryder invite guests to address contemporary issues facing working families in our region. Topics include but are not limited to; union and worker issues, employment and job training, human and social services referral information and sharing pertinent current events that help shape our daily lives.

Patrick J. Eiding is the president of the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO which is a federation of more than 100 local unions with more than 150,000 members and families in this city. This former business manager for the Insulators Union Local 14 serves on many boards and commissions and was recognized as one of the 75 most important Philadelphians.

Janet Hammond Ryder is the vice president of labor participation for both the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO and the United Way of Southeastern PA. In that capacity, she links community organizations and local unions together to make sure they are actively engaged and involved in making a real difference in their communities. She is a former Philadelphia Public School educator and political director for American Federation of Teachers, PA.”

The call-in lines are 866-361-0900 or 215-634-8065.
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Democratic Talk Radio is hosted by Stephen Crockett who is Editor of Mid-Atlantic Crockett is a member of the National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981) and OPEIU Local 277. He is an associate member of the United Steelworkers (USW). Crockett has been involved in an organizing drive by the Machinists (IAM). He is from Maryland and Tennessee.

Democratic Talk Radio co-host Dana Garrett has been very active with UFCW Local 27 and the Laborers (LIUNA). Dana is from Delaware. Dana Garrett hosts another talk show in Delaware called Progressive Voices which broadcasts on the University of Delaware FM station WVUD.

The Democratic Talk Radio office is located at the UAW Local 1183 union complex in Newark, Delaware next door to the Delaware AFL-CIO. The main Democratic Talk Radio website is The DTR Blog is found at

Democratic Talk Radio currently broadcasts from Bethlehem, PA on WGPA SUNNY 1100AM. Anyone can listen in live to Democratic Talk Radio on Thursday mornings from 8:05am-9am Eastern via this link:

The Union Edge radio show rallies support for SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania workers


Brothers and Sister,

In Aliquippa PA, my home town, health care professionals have been short changed in their pay as the company closes it’s doors.

The Union Edge Talk Radio Show is closely following their efforts for justice. On Face value, I can see many similarities between this issues and what happened to the United Electrical workers in Chicago.

I am asking you to help build strong worldwide support for the medical workers in Aliquippa PA. Please forward this message to your network, and ask them to follow the story and listen to the interviews at

Nearly 200 employees of Commonwealth Medical Center (formerly Aliquippa Hospital) - members of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania - lost our jobs when our hospital declared bankruptcy and then abruptly closed last December 12th. We still haven’t received the paychecks that were due to us before Christmas and New Years. The hospital’s finance company and management agreed to pay hospital executives, but not the frontline staff!

Please join us for the following events on Mon/Tues next week in support of Aliquippa Hospital caregivers:

* Community Rally, Monday, Jan. 26th, 12 noon - In front of the hospital, 2500 Hospital Drive, Aliquippa

* Demonstration and Bankruptcy Hearing, Tuesday, Jan. 27th, 8:30 a.m. - In front of US Bankruptcy Court, US Steel Tower, 600 Grant Street, Downtown Pittsburgh

Join us as we stand up for fairness and respect for working families - not just for those at the top!

In Solidarity,
Charles Showalter

Mid-Atlantic Editor is now on Facebook


Here is the link:

Stephen Scott Crockett's Facebook profile

This is a new experience for me but very interesting.

My American Legislative Priority New Year Resolution


My American Legislative Priority New Year Resolution

On the first morning of 2009, the Washington Journal on CSPAN started their daily program with a segment where callers could give their top legislative priorities for the upcoming year. This writer was lucky enough to get on air as the third caller.

I listed my top priorities as (1) the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, (2) an economic stimulus to help middle class and working class Americans and (3) creation of a system of government provided universal healthcare. The program gave me an opportunity to briefly state my reasons for giving passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. Readers can hear those reasons by viewing the program segment from the Washington Journal archives at or read them from my Employee Free Choice Act and Republican Disinformation column of March 2007 at so I will not repeat them in this column. However, time restraints prevented a discussion even briefly of the other two listed priorities.

Additionally, there are many other important legislative priorities that need to be addressed in 2009. We need to (4) return to the Fairness Doctrine in broadcasting, (5) renegotiate or repeal all the so-called “free trade” deals destroying American manufacturing, threatening our national governmental authority , undermining labor laws and crippling environmental regulation, (6) banning or nationalizing private armies and militaries, like Blackwater, (7) ending the counting of votes by private companies and making voting much easier while guaranteeing that every vote gets counted, (8) repealing the falsely named Patriot Act, (9) ending the federal ban on medical marijuana, (10) putting real teeth in federal anti-monopoly laws, (11) making corporate executives personally liable for the illegal actions of the corporations they run including both serious jail time and the seizure of personal assets when appropriate and (12) making the right to unionize a federally protected civil right. These dozen legislative priorities are certainly the ending place for the kind of change we need in this nation. They are really only the beginning of the serious institutional reforms we need to undertake in order to make America a better place to live for all our citizens.

It is becoming a regular theme in the Corporate Media that Obama and the Democratic Party should “govern from the center” and turn away from fundamental governmental change. This is pure nonsense and exactly the opposite of both what the voters were seeking in the 2008 elections and what the current, multiple crises demand.

We need to first understand that we have just ended an era of increasingly radical Right Wing governmental rule of, by and for Corporate interests. We had a government that ruled over us instead of representing us. We need a dramatic push in the opposite direction for decades just to return to the middle ground we occupied prior to the Reagan era. The goal should not be to return just to the pre-Reagan political mindset. The current situation demands a return to the New Deal mindset of the FDR era.

Adopting the dozen reforms listed above are a starting place for progressive change in America. Ever member of Congress and the Obama White House should get the message directly from every American citizen that we want fundamental reform. We are not looking for token reforms. We are not looking for Republican-lite approaches or compromises on fundamental reforms. We want real change.

My resolution for 2009 is to make it clear that no Right Wing Republican politician, Corporate Media outlet, lobbyist or opportunistic “Democrat in name only” operative will be able to stop the winds of change sweeping this nation. My resolution in 2009 is that I will work even harder during the next 8 years to enacted real reforms into law and government policy than I did to elect Democrats in 2008. I urge all readers to join in these efforts and to greatly expand the list of reforms far past the dozen I listed in this column.

Written by Stephen Crockett (Host of Democratic Talk Radio and Editor of Mid-Atlantic . Mail: 698 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, Delaware 19702. Email: Phone: 443-907-2367.

Feel free to publish or reprint in full without prior approval.

Buying American-made Toys


Buying American-made Toys

I did not buy any toys for the many children in my life this year. Admittedly, money was very tight after the economy collapsed from eight years of Republican mismanagement. However, the main reason I did the scrooge thing this Christmas is that I simply refused to buy Chinese made toys for the American children I love so dearly.

The American children I love so dearly need to inherit, from all of us, a nation with a strong manufacturing base. These children need to grow up in an economy that will pay good wages to all our citizens and that actually makes things. Buying cheap junk made in third world nations for Christmas presents is not doing these children any favors.

I cannot understand why no American toy companies are making toys in America. Obviously, the greed of the corporations and American governmental trade policy has combined to destroy toy manufacturing in this nation. If both our corporate leaders and government officials cannot change their behaviors and start making toys in America, we should boycott completely imported toys and change our elected leaders at the first opportunity.

Making toys in low wage nations does fatten the bottom line of corporations at the expense of the future of the American economy. It helps pay the outrageously bloated salaries of corporate CEO’s but actually does little to reduce the cost to consumers. It often means shoddy and unsafe toys are being given to our children. The corporate CEO’s need to curb their greed and start thinking about the future of the American economy!

One of the first things we can do, starting right after the beginning of the New Year, is to visit as many retail stores as possible and file written complaints about the non-availability of American-made toys this past Christmas. Every Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target and toy store in America should be getting hundreds or thousands of complaints from patriotic Americans. We owe it to our children to demand that the toys that we buy for them actually contribute to a better future for them when they become working adults.

Imported toys do not contribute to a better future for today’s children. They do not contribute tax revenues to provide healthcare and better schools in the way American-made toys do. They do not provide decent paying jobs for their parents in the way American-made toys do. They are certainly not as safe as American-made toys.

American-made toys help pay the national debt and reduce the trade imbalance with foreign nations by reducing imports. American-made products help build the American economy. They help pay for our police forces, emergency services and military.

Retailers who do not sell American-made toys should be boycotted. Toy companies who do not manufacture toys in America should be boycotted. Toy imports should be taxed heavily. Imported, cheaply-made, often unsafe toys are not in the national interest. Our governmental policies should reflect clearly that reality.

Toy companies need to hear from consumers that Americans want to buy toys made in America. I urge consumer groups, labor unions, church groups, political activists and patriotic individuals to organize efforts to get this message to the toy companies. Our political leaders need to hear the same message.

We can all circulate petitions at work and in our communities. We can all write members of Congress and President Obama. We can write our local newspapers, blog on the Internet and call radio stations. A little picketing of toy stores, Wal-Marts, corporate headquarters of toy companies and Congressional field offices might help us deliver the message that American-made toys are one of the many changes we need to make in the American economy.

I will certainly be talking about this subject on my Democratic Talk Radio program in 2009. I hope other patriotic talk radio hosts regardless of ideology will join in these efforts along with writers and grassroots political activists. We owe it to the children of America.

Greedy, unpatriotic corporations should not be forcing me or you to choose between disappointing the children we love or being unpatriotic consumers mortgaging the economic future of those same children. We are willing to buy American.

The challenge to Wall Street and corporate America is simply stated, “Are you willing to manufacture and sell us the American-made products we want to buy?” Those companies smart enough to accept the challenge will certainly have a ready and willing market of patriotic Americans who love our children.

Written by Stephen Crockett (Host of Democratic Talk Radio and Editor of Mid-Atlantic . Mail: 698 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, Delaware 19702. Phone: 443-907-2367.

Feel free to publish or reproduce without prior approval.

Democratic Talk Radio 2008 Villain & Hero Awards


Democratic Talk Radio 2008 Villain & Hero Awards

Political villains were rampant in 2008. It was impossible to give a single award for the injustices committed for solely political reasons this past year. For the first time ever, Democratic Talk Radio was unable to even narrow the infamous winners to just two. We have selected three “Villains of 2008” to share the award.

Our first choice is obvious. Fox News wins the first 2008 villain slot for their disinformation campaign against ACORN. The efforts of Fox News to provide political cover for Republican efforts at voter suppression during the 2008 elections were, in the opinion of Democratic Talk Radio, the lowest thing ever done by Fox News.

The second winner for 2008 political villain is George McGovern. Fans of Democratic Talk Radio may be surprised by this choice. Frankly, we never expected to be giving a former Democratic Presidential candidate a villain of the year award. However, McGovern has lent his name to the Right-Wing, corporate effort to undermine workers’ right to unionize. George McGovern has allied himself with the anti-worker efforts to defeat the Employee Free Choice Act. His TV commercials are frankly an open act on working Americans. McGovern has disgraced himself by joining with the most anti-working class political forces in America and misleading the American public on the nature of the Employee Free Choice Act.

The Senate Republicans out to destroy the American auto industry and the United Auto Workers union are our third villainous winners. Senator Corker of Tennessee, Senator Shelby of Alabama, Senator McConnell of Kentucky, Senator Vitter of Louisiana and their fellow Senate Republicans put the interests of foreign corporations over the interests of the American economy. Since all were opposed by the United Auto Workers in previous elections because of their militantly anti-worker voting records, their efforts are obviously motivated by personal political considerations that directly undermine the national interest. These Senate Republicans have sided with foreign companies to drive down the wages and healthcare benefits of American workers.

The hero of the year selected by Democratic Talk Radio is Al Franken. The American nation should be delighted at his political courage and determination. By insisting that all the votes be counted in the 2008 Minnesota Senate race, Franken has set a good example for all candidates running for office and for American voters. American Democracy has been strengthened by his resolve.

Al Franken will be a great asset should he eventually prevail when all the votes are finally counted. Norm Coleman has been very aggressive in his attempts to undermine a free and fair counting of the ballots.

For more information, contact Stephen Crockett at 443-907-2367.

AFGE “INSIDE GOVERNMENT WITH WARD MORROW ” radio show expands to new stations


Dec. 19, 2008


Program to Air Sundays on KSL Newsradio 102.7 FM and 1160 AM

WASHINGTON—“Inside Government with Ward Morrow ,” the radio show produced by the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), the nation’s largest federal employee union, will begin airing on Sunday, Dec. 21 in Salt Lake City, Utah on KSL Newsradio 102.7 FM and 1160 AM. The program, which will air Sundays at 9:00 p.m. Mountain Time, is sponsored by AFGE Local 1592. Local 1592 represents workers at Hill Air Force Base.

“’Inside Government with Ward Morrow” is a great way for Local 1592 to have its issues, such as the fight against the National Security Personnel System, heard in Salt Lake City. The hard-working men and women at Hill Air Force Base are proud to serve their country, and Local 1592 will continue to fight just as hard to protect worker rights as workers do to protect our country. We are thrilled to have an opportunity to sponsor “Inside Government” in Salt Lake City, and look forward to the launch of the program on KSL Newsradio,” said AFGE Local 1592 President Troy Tingey.

“Inside Government” is hosted by AFGE Assistant General Counsel J. Ward Morrow. Programs are archived on the Federal News Radio Web site and can be heard on demand (available anytime) at or or on Saturdays from 6AM to 7AM on WMAC News Talk 940 in Macon, Georgia . Please note there will be a short advertisement prior to the start of the program. The program is also available via iTunes podcast by clicking here. Users must install iTunes on their computers before accessing “Inside Government” via podcast.

For more information, please e-mail or go to


“Inside Government with Ward Morrow ” is a one-hour weekly nationwide radio/Internet program dedicated to issues that impact federal and D.C. government employees. The show airs each Friday at 10:00 a.m. on Federal News Radio 1500 AM in Washington, D.C. or on Saturdays at 6AM on WMAC News Talk 940 in Macon, Georgia and online at It is also available to 70 million iPod users through Apple’s iTunes podcast. “Inside Government” is produced by The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), the nation’s largest federal employee union, representing 600,000 workers in the federal government and the government of the District of Columbia.

The Future of Democratic Talk Radio after the 2008 Election


Dear Friends,

Democratic Talk Radio wants to thank everyone for their support of our mission. We have been devoted to bringing the Democratic message to America’s airwaves since I first bought airtime the night that the US Supreme Court imposed the Bush Presidency on our nation in December of 2000.

The show went on the air in January 2001 in Tennessee on a small AM station and soon moved to a more powerful FM station reaching a much larger audience in both northern Alabama and central Tennessee. I largely funded the effort out of personal resources. I invested over $35,000 keeping Democratic Talk Radio on the air in Tennessee.

Briefly, we broadcast nationally on the now defunct i.e. America Radio Network which was backed by the United Auto Workers union.

In the early Spring of 2008, we moved Democratic Talk Radio to the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. Our show broadcasts Thursday mornings on WGPA SUNNY 1100AM in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Sponsors paid the majority of the costs although I did invest nearly another $4,000 personally.

I want to thank all our sponsors.

The Mailroom union print shop in Allentown has been hugely helpful and supportive. I am going to be working with them as a new addition to their sales team on a commission basis. I exclusively use them for all my printing needs. The prices, service and quality are just excellent. Please let me know if I can connect you with them to meet your printing needs. We all need to print union.

The labor movement in Pennsylvania has been our greatest base of support in sponsoring the show. Laborers’ Local 1174 helped us get started by sponsoring our first 4 shows. Carpenters Local 600 and Steelworkers Local 2599 were both significantly large sponsors. The Lehigh Valley Labor Council, Steelworkers Local 10-1, Steelworkers Local 1165 and IBEW Local 380 all helped sponsor shows.

The Bethlehem City Democratic Party sponsored one show.

Collectively, they covered about 60% of the airtime costs. I paid the rest and all the travel expenses mostly out of my income as public relations representative for American Income Life Insurance. Unfortunately, my ability to help finance the show has been exhausted at least in the near term.

The travel costs and airtime costs about $250 per show. We would like to stay on the air. Democratic Talk Radio needs your financial help in sponsoring the show.

If your union or organization can help by sponsoring a show, it will help keep a pro-labor, pro-Democratic, progressive message on the air in Pennsylvania. Our show streams live on the Internet for those outside the broadcast area. Checks in any amount will be appreciated. You can sponsor a whole show or buy ads. One minute ads are $30. A thirty second ad is only $20. Personal ads are welcome.

Checks can be sent to: Democratic Talk Radio, 698 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, Delaware 19702. For more details, I can be reached by phone at 443-907-2367 at almost any hour. My email address is

If your union does not have cash, you still might be able to help by signing up in the American Income Life Insurance program with me personally. By doing so, you can get additional, new benefits for your members at no cost to them or your local. American Income is always a great program but signing with me personally helps give you additional advantages on the political action and public relations fronts.

By participating in the American Income program, you can show your support for the “buy union” idea while supporting my ability to bring you Democratic Talk Radio.

Currently, our funds are nearly exhausted. We will resume broadcasts as soon as sufficient funds arrive.

Today, we have just received a couple of checks from SEIU Local 668 and Teamsters Local 773. Together, they are almost enough to pay airtime costs for one more show. We have received pledges for the costs of a few more shows. With luck, we might not miss any broadcasts, or (more likely) only one.

Donors are always welcome as guests.

In time, we hope to expand our program into new markets and stations. The greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania market is probably next followed by Delaware and Maryland or the Scranton area.


Stephen Crockett

Host- Democratic Talk Radio

P.S.- I am always available as a free speaker to the membership or executive board of your union or organization. Besides business opportunities like the American Income Life Insurance program or union printing services from The Mailroom, I can speak on topics like “The Employee Free Choice Act”, “How Unions Can Work Better With The Media” or various other political topics.

Building Alliances and Voting for Change in 2008


Building Alliances and Voting for Change in 2008

The American nation has an excellent opportunity to change the nature of politics in our country this year. We have a real chance to build lasting alliances that will re-define the political landscape at every level of government and permit us to take back our government by the average citizen.

For decades, the political power of the largest international corporations and the wealthiest of the Super Wealthy have been tightening their grasp on governments in America. They have effectively bought their way to power by giving billions in campaign donations and buying up the media. The effect has been passage of laws that undermine the power of average citizens to control their own economic futures, have an effective voice in government policies and to hear opposing political viewpoints.

It is no accident that most Americans think that their children will not have as high a standard of living as they currently experience. It was economic policy on the national and international levels that forced tens of millions of families to have both parents working to maintain a decent standard of living.

Your rights to sue corporations when they abuse you as a worker, investor or consumer are being stripped away by Republican politicians like George W. Bush, John McCain, Dick Cheney and your allegedly “moderate Republican” member of Congress. The same bunch of Republican politicians are and have been for decades falling all over themselves to pass legislation that ships high-paying jobs with healthcare benefits to Third World nations where the high pay and employer provided healthcare vanishes while corporate profits explode! Yes, Bush, McCain and Cheney love NAFTA, the WTO, CAFTA and the rest of these deals. They have been a goldmine of campaign cash for the Republican Right and the alleged “Republican moderates” in Congress.

By appointing corporate thinking federal judges and government regulators, American workers have seen their rights to form labor unions effectively undermined and often destroyed. The public fiction of “free elections” in the workplace is there for these deceitful Republicans to “defend.” However, in most workplaces, the reality is that these giant corporations make real free elections impossible by intentionally breaking the law (the penalties are a joke), firing pro-union workers, preventing union organizers from talking to workers or distributing material, issuing threats and the like.

The reality of these “free unionization elections” is that they are no more free and fair than the “free elections” in the former Soviet Union, communist China or Nazi Germany! Still, the Republicans vehemently oppose passage of the Employee Free Choice Act which would return effective workplace democracy when it comes to unionization votes. The decline of labor unions has meant the decline of the American Middle Class both economically and politically and corporate forces know it!

An effective labor movement has meant real economic opportunity for tens of millions of working class and poor Americans. Labor unions have been the vehicle for millions of racial and ethnic minorities to join the mainstream, Middle Class majority in experiencing the American Dream. Corporate controlled politicians like Bush and McCain are simply killing that Dream. Will we let them?

The wealthiest of the Super Wealthy control our mainstream media but not our votes. We all should know that racism has an economic purpose. It is the tool most often used in America to get the working class whites and Middle Class majority to put in power politicians who vote against the economic interests of working class and Middle Class whites. Racism is the tool used to divide the non-economic elite majority so that all working class and Middle Class Americans do not demand government policies that provide real economic opportunity for the vast majority. Racism is a sucker bet for all poor, working class and Middle Class Americans!

If all poor, working class and Middle Class Americans vote in favor of their real economic interests, we all will have a very bright future. We can take control of our government. We can return manufacturing jobs to America. We can pass the Employee Free Choice Act and make the right to unionize a Constitutionally protected civil right.

We can have government guaranteed universal healthcare for our citizens like every other industrialized nation in the world. We can restore our rights as workers, investors and consumers. We can replace the corporate clowns, corrupt Republican partisans and right wing fanatics in our government bureaucracy and court system with honest, mainstream Americans.

We can preserve our basic freedoms from those seeking to undermine the Bill of Rights, legal due process and the U.S. Constitution. United as citizens, we can halt unjust political prosecutions like that of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman and jail those responsible. We can expose and prosecute all illegal abuses of power by highly-placed, powerful government officials.

We can stop war-profiteers from getting us involved in more unnecessary aggressive wars that get our brave soldiers killed for the private profit of large international corporations. We can make sure that the American people are never lied to in order to launch a war that should never have been started in the first place. We must defeat politicians like John McCain who simply put love to threaten wars all over the world for little or no reason.

We can break the power of Big Oil to price-gouge us at their whim. We can create a real alternative energy economy that will not promote global warming. We can break up the media monopolies, restore the Fairness Doctrine in broadcasting and protect the Internet from corporate control.

We can make our American Democracy work for the little guy! All we have to do as individuals is to reach out to our neighbors and co-workers to educate them on issues and the importance of basic political involvement, like voting against those abusing them and for change in 2008.

Written by Stephen Crockett (Host of Democratic Talk Radio and Editor of Mid-Atlantic ). Mail: 698 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, Delaware 19702. Phone: 443-907-2367. Email:

Feel free to publish, post or reprint this column in full without prior approval.

August Guests Line-up for Democratic Talk Radio’s Thursday morning Lehigh Valley (PA) show


Here are the upcoming guests for August on our Lehigh Valley area, Pennsylvania show

August 7th- Sam Bennett. Sam is the 15th District Democratic Congressional candidate, Vice Chair of the Lehigh County Democratic Party and Chair of the Allentown City Democratic Party.

Joe Long- Chair of the Northampton County Democratic Party, Chair of the Northeast Pennsylvania Democratic Caucus and retired UAW organizer.

August 14th- Harry Gravell, President of the Delaware Building Trades Council and Executive Board member of the Delaware AFL-CIO.

Kim Green, Organizer for the Road Sprinkler Fitters Local 669 in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Kim will probably have other leaders from the local joining him.

August 21st- Jim Dean, National Chair of Democracy For America (DFA) for the first half hour.

Amos B. McCluney, Jr.- Chair of the UAW Local 1183 Retiree Chapter and former Delaware State Representative will be discussing healthcare for the second half hour. He may have other healthcare advocates joining him.

August 28th- Jim Schlener, Chair of the Bethlehem City Democratic Party, UFCW Local 1776 and IAFF member, Vice Chair of the Lehigh Valley Central Labor Council will be in studio along with the previous Bethlehem City Democratic Chair Jack Burks.

All shows air and stream live on WGPA SUNNY 1100AM Thursday mornings from 8:05am until 9am Eastern. They are hosted by Stephen Crockett (Editor of Mid-Atlantic, NWU-UAW 1981 member, USW associate member, OPEIU 277 member and soon to be CWA member) and co-hosted by Dana Garrett (Delaware Watch blogger, labor activist and Progressive Voices talk show host).

My pro-labor radio show (Democratic Talk Radio) has a great opportunity but needs funding help


We have an opportunity to get a great time slot during Tuesday evening drive time from 4pm until 5pm. I need to raise another $480 by next Monday to secure the slot. As you likely know, Democratic Talk Radio is a militantly pro-labor show with all guests either aligned with the union movement or union activists themselves.

Can you help us raise the required funding in time to secure this opportunity to advance the labor agenda over the airwaves in time?

We do not have to start broadcasting immediately but should be able to begin within a month.

WNJC 1360AM reaches greater Philadelphia, southeastern Pennsylvania, northern and central Delaware and southern New Jersey. Additionally, it streams live on the Internet.

The station is owned by the son of a former International President of the Seafarers Union. He is militantly pro-labor. He has offered to give labor unions backing the show some free spots to help with organizing or other goals. With this owner, we have a real friend in the media.

I can be reached by cell phone at 443-907-2367. The Democratic Talk Radio office is located at the UAW Local 1183 union complex in Newark, Delaware. The address is 698 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, Delaware 19702.

Our website is My labor website is

If your organization can help, please contact me. If you know anyone else who can assist, please make them aware of this opportunity. If possible, please contact your District, Region or International to see if they are interested.

We are currently broadcasting on WGPA SUNNY 1100AM in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on Thursday mornings from 8:05am until 9am. We can provide numerous labor leader contacts in the greater Lehigh Valley that can vouch for our strong labor commitment and approach.


Stephen Crockett

Host, Democratic Talk Radio
Editor, Mid-Atlantic

Democratic Talk Radio guest line-up for July


Here is our July guest line-up for the WGPA SUNNY 1100AM (Bethlehem, PA) Thursday morning show:

July 3rd- Philip Dine (author of State of the Unions)
July 10th- John Czerwinski (Business Manager, UA 74 and head of Delaware AFL-CIO COPE)
July 17th- Paul Tucker (Editor & Publisher of the Union News newspapers in Pennsylvania)
July 24th- Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) first segment discussing his new book
July 24th- Brian McGlinchey (LIUNA Eastern Region) second segment
July 31st- USW International President Leo Gerard & USW 2599 President Jerry Green

All shows air and stream live on the Internet at from 8:05am until 9am (Eastern).

Advertisers and sponsors are badly needed to keep the greater Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania (Bethlehem-based) program on the air. Contact Stephen Crockett by email at or call 1-443-907-2367.

We are planning a show reaching southern New Jersey, northern half of Delaware and greater Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Interested? Contact Stephen Crockett by email at or call 1-443-907-2367.

Shows are hosted by Mid-Atlantic Editor Stephen Crockett. The WGPA broadcast is co-hosted by blogger, labor activist & talk show host Dana Garrett.

Are you making at least $20 an hour?


By Doug Cunningham

The percentage of hourly workers earning at least $20 an hour in the U.S. is down to just 16 percent. In 1979 it was 23 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That middle-class blue collar wage is essential to sustaining America’s middle class. The hourly wage decline is the worst in manufacturing, which is seeing a 60 percent drop in the number of workers earning at least $20 an hour.

Program Schedule for Democratic Talk Radio


UPCOMING SHOWS (times are Eastern)
On May 8, we have Ron Ennis who is Editor of the Lehigh Valley (PA) Labor Council, AFL-CIO newsletter and an American Postal Workers Union activist on the show. He is a great writer on union and political topics.

Tentatively have Cindy Sheehan scheduled for May 1 at 8:35am. About her Congressional run against Pelosi. We have Steve Raysely , who is the Steelworkers (and PACE) Rapid Response Coordinator for eastern Pennsylvania, in the studio for the entire show.

April 24th in studio whole show: Dennis Hower, VP of Teamsters Local 773 & Allentown City Council President Michael D’Amore.

April 17th we had Pennsylvania State Representative and candidate for Pennsylvania Treasurer Jennifer Mann on the first half of the show. Brad Friedman from Brad Blog was on at 8:40am.

April 10th- Sam Bennett , Democratic Congressional candidate in the 15th District (Lehigh Valley) and Joe Long, Chair of the Northampton Democratic Party, Chair of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Democratic Caucus and retired UAW organizer were are guests on this show.

April 3rd- Joe Long (see April 10th for bio) was in the studio for the whole show. We were joined by IBEW National Rep. Paul Simon at 8:35 for the end of the show.

Democratic Talk Radio will have Jack Wagner, Pennsylvania State Auditor; Gregg Potter, President of the Greater Lehigh Valley Labor Council, AFL-CIO; Larry Cohen, President of the Communications Workers of Americaand; Paul Tucker, Editor & Publisher of the Union News newspapers in eastern Pennsylvania on future shows.

We hope to soon announce the appearances of several talk radio show hosts (Rick Smith and Jerry Pippin have agreed to appear) and at least two other Presidents of very large international unions. Keep checking back for details!

I forgot to mention that Sam Lathem, President of the Delaware AFL-CIO and Senator Joe Biden have both agreed to be future guests. We are still working on a schedule for them.

Democratic Talk Radio programming update


Democratic Talk Radio went on the air in the Lehigh Valley
March 31st, 2008

Democratic Talk Radio went be on the air in the Lehigh Valley on Thursday mornings at 8:05 am on WGPA, 1100AM. The program will be streaming live on the Internet at All programs will be archived on the Democratic Talk Radio website at for anytime streaming or downloading for Podcasting.

The program will feature book authors, talk show hosts, journalists, labor leaders, officeholders, candidates, policy experts, political activists and more, as guests. The program will be co-hosted by Stephen Crockett (from Maryland and Tennessee) and Dana Garrett (from Delaware.) Both are experienced political observers and talk show hosts….

UPCOMING SHOWS (times are Eastern)

Tentatively have Cindy Sheehan scheduled for May 1 at 8:35am. About her Congressional run against Pelosi. We have Steve Raysely , who is the Steelworkers (and PACE) Rapid Response Coordinator for eastern Pennsylvania, in the studio for the entire show.

April 24th in studio whole show: Dennis Hower, VP of Teamsters Local 773 & Allentown City Council President Michael D’Amore Bio link

April 17th we have Brad Friedman from Brad Blog scheduled at 8:45am.

April 10th- Sam Bennett , Democratic Congressional candidate in the 15th District (Lehigh Valley) scheduled for 8:05am.

Democratic Talk Radio will have Jack Wagner, Pennsylvania State Auditor and Gregg Potter, President of the Greater Lehigh Valley Labor Council, AFL-CIO on future shows.

We hope to soon announce the appearances of several talk radio show hosts and at least two Presidents of very large international unions. Keep checking back for details!

All times are Eastern.
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Our Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania show broadcasts Thursday mornings from 8:05am to 9:00am (Eastern) out of WGPA SUNNY 1100AM in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This station streams live on the Internet and all shows will be archived on the Democratic Talk Radio Program Archives page for long-term, anytime listening or downloading for Podcasts. You can sponsor an entire program for $180. A 30 second ad is $20. A one minute ad is $30.

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For more information about advertising or sponsorship, call 1-443-907-2367 or email The mailing address for Democratic Talk Radio is: 698 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, Delaware 19702.

Democratic Talk Radio will be on the air in the Lehigh Valley starting April 3


Democratic Talk Radio will be on the air in the Lehigh Valley starting April 3, 2008 at 8:05 am on WGPA, 1100AM. The program will be streaming live on the Internet at All programs will be archived on the Democratic Talk Radio website at for anytime streaming or downloading for Podcasting.

The program will feature book authors, talk show hosts, journalists, labor leaders, officeholders, candidates, policy experts, political activists and more, as guests. The program will be co-hosted by Stephen Crockett (from Maryland and Tennessee) and Dana Garrett (from Delaware.) Both are experienced political observers and talk show hosts.

Stephen Crockett writes the Democratic Voices opinion column which is widely available on the Internet. He is a member of the National Writers Union (UAW local 1981) and is active with the UAW Community Action Program. Professionally, Stephen Crockett has an extensive background in marketing, advertising and public relations. Crockett owns College .

Crockett serves as a public relations specialist for American Income Life Insurance dealing with unions in Delaware and eastern Pennsylvania. He represents the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) Local 277 on many labor councils in the region. Crockett is an associate member of the Steelworkers’ (USW) union.

He serves as Editor and Publisher of Mid-Atlantic He has worked in dozens of political campaigns from New Hampshire to Florida. Crockett has been active in Democratic political circles in his home states of Maryland and Tennessee. He blogs on many different websites and is very active in the progressive Netroots community.

Dana Garrett is married and the father of two children. He is a former State of Delaware employee and Adjunct Professor at Wilmington College. He resides in Wilmington, Delaware. He has Masters of Arts degrees in Philosophy and English Literature. He writes for the blog Delaware Watch and is a co-host of the radio program Progressive Voices, which is broadcast by the University of Delaware (WVUD). His poetry has been published in anthologies and dozens of periodicals and journals.

Democratic Talk Radio would like to meet with your Executive Board and/or membership. Stephen Crockett can explain how you can assist Democratic Talk Radio and obtain addition benefits for your organization or union membership at no cost via American Income Life Insurance.

The Laborers’ Local 1174 have helped bring you Democratic Talk Radio by sponsoring the first 4 shows. Please contact Stephen Crockett at or 1-443-907-2367 if you or your organization might be willing to sponsor broadcasts of Democratic Talk Radio. Airtime will cost us about $180 per show. You can sponsor a whole broadcast or just buy some ads. Ad rates are $30 per 1 minute ad or $20 per 30 second ad.

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You can sponsor an entire show for $180. The program will stream live on the Internet and be permanently available later on the Democratic Talk Radio website for anytime Internet streaming or downloading for Podcasts. The program archives will include all advertising content.

We expect a very large national Internet audience for the shows.

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The Democratic Talk Radio office address is: 698 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, Delaware 19702.


Stephen Crockett

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National Regrets and Paying for Reagan-Bush Policies


National Regrets and Paying for Reagan-Bush Policies

Our current list of national economic difficulties and governmental failures is a direct result of nearly 30 years of failed Republican policies. We are paying the price in many ways for our national love affair with slick, emotionally appealing Republican political rhetoric and candidates. We can no longer ignore the harsh reality behind the deceitful words.

We have all experienced bad relationships and failed romances. Long after the romances are over, we are still dealing with the negative consequences both emotional and financial. We keep paying the unhappy costs.

The legacy of distrust, dealing with debts accumulated based on lies, self-doubts for believing the nice sounding lies and living with an awareness that we all are subject to the weakness of emotional reasoning remain long after the relationships have collapsed. There is always the possibility that the burden of dealing with the problems is so great that we go into denial and repeat the same mistakes by buying into slightly repackaged versions. It plays hell on emotional, physical and financial well-being. We all have been there.

It is long past time for the American public to end our soured love affair with deceitful Reagan-Bush Republicanism and start cleaning up the mess left behind. It will be emotionally upsetting but has to be done. The damage is great. It will require a real change in both our behavior and thinking to undo the damage and avoid repeating the same mistakes. It can be done!

In 2008, we are finally be forced to start paying the price for the falsely named set of economic policies once labeled “economic deregulation” that became the national political creed with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. We shifted the tax burden to those least able to bear the strain by raising taxes on both the poor and the middle class. We cut dramatically the tax burden of the wealthy and even more so for the Super Wealthy. We encouraged paper financial profits over real economic growth. We exported our industrial base weakening our nation because it temporarily profited our economic elite.

We ended usury laws, weakened government regulation of our financial institutions, permitted government “no-bid” contracts to go to political powerful corporations and ignored anti-monopoly traditions. Consumer protections were weakened. Our federal courts were packed with Republican Right-Wing Radicals willing to overlook any kind of corruption by government officials, corporations or Republican politicians as long as the results favored the wealthiest of the wealthy and the politically powerful.

Our dollar is in the toilet because we exported debt in exchange for cheap imported goods. Wal-Mart raked in a fortune by lowering wage rates in community after community, fighting all efforts at unionizing their workers, and undermining our manufacturing base by encouraging American factories to relocate to China. A government truly serving our national interest would have adopted trade and tax policies that would have stopped Wal-Mart from pursuing these policies. However, the Reagan-Bush Republicans did the opposite.

Even during the brief periods of Democratic Presidential rule under Clinton, Republican policies were often still pursued. The NAFTA and WTO deals received White House support although the majority of Congressional Democrats often opposed these falsely-named “free trade” deals. They were passed largely with Congressional Republican votes. Media consolidation resulted as a direct result of some Democrats buying into the Republican “economic deregulation” arguments. Media consolidation reduced competition instead of promoting it. It hurt small business advertisers and media consumers. Both policies have been severe failures for the American nation. They have undermined the health of both the American economy and American Democracy.

The Republican Presidential candidate John McCain promises to deliver more of the same failed policies. Although McCain has an impressive past military record, his services in the political arena are not impressive. His record on economics or finding a quick exit from the Iraq quagmire inspire little hope or confidence. McCain is simply not prepared to deal with the modern challenges facing the nation in the 21st Century.

For most Americans, a McCain victory will mean a lower standard of living and even less real influence on government policy. McCain is certainly no friend of American workers or consumers. McCain will do nothing to restore America’s industrial base or basic economic health. The “100 Year War Man” has no answers for the real fundamental problems facing our nation today! He is a real threat to our long-term national security.

Both leading Democrats are likely to be a big improvement over McCain. However, we still will need to elect Senators and House members willing to support more populist economic reforms that actually reverse some of the damage done over the past 30 years. We need to elect the right kind of Democrats and to keep pressuring them to restore economically responsible policies. We need to demand more open government, more civil liberties protections and democratically responsive governance.

I urge strongly that voters educate themselves before voting in November. Two excellent books that we all should read by then are Free Lunch by David Cay Johnston and Bad Samaritans by Ha-Joon Chang. A daily visit to or Mid-Atlantic would certainly help you become a more informed voter. Listening to talk radio shows like The Rick Smith Show, Thom Hartmann, Andy Johnson, Ed Shultz, Guy James, Democratic Talk Radio or Air America programs would help with the brain rot resulting from listening to Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity and the like.

You can count on the Republicans feeding you, as voters, lots of crazy emotionally charged slogans and arguments. The Corporate media will go after reform minded Democrats like resigned New York Governor Spitzer with zeal and venom while largely ignoring similar or worse behavior by currently serving Republican Senators like Louisiana’s Vitter or Idaho’s Craig. Vitter and Craig are reliable votes supporting the failed Reagan-Bush Republican policies while Spitzer actually prosecuted some of the worst Corporate abusers.

Only by educating yourself about policies can you avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. For your own sake and that of your children, this year break the cycle and vote based on substantive issues like healthcare, trade policies, re-industrializing America, shifting some of the tax burden back to those most able to pay higher taxes, resumption of usury laws, jobs, consumer protection, balancing the budget, ending an unaffordable war and a return to anti-monopoly law enforcement.

Written by Stephen Crockett (co-host of Democratic Talk Radio and Editor of Mid-Atlantic Mail: 698 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, Delaware 19702. Email: Phone: 443-907-2367.

Feel free to publish without prior approval.

Democratic Talk Radio needs funds to buy radio time during this crucial 2008 election year.


Democratic Talk Radio needs funds to buy radio time during this crucial 2008 election year.

We want to give real working Americans a voice on the radio this election cycle!

Labor unions in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania might be able to assist in helping me personally fund Democratic Talk Radio without spending any money. In fact, their members will receive no cost benefits at the same time. This will not work in all cases but I really want to discuss the options with organized labor leaders.

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